The New Era of Alcohol Treatment: The Sinclair Method

TSM is the modern day addiction treatment method with 80% success rate!

Do you feel like you may have a problem with alcohol, but abstinence is not something you’re ready to take on? Do you wish you could limit your alcohol consumption better at times, but continue to enjoy drinking? Do you wish you could manage your alcohol use without the struggle?

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a clinically studied, proven effective treatment for alcohol use disorder using medication to block the rewarding effects of alcohol, therefore causing you to drink less and lose desire. With a success rate of almost 80%, why don’t more people know about this method?

Traditional treatment for alcohol addiction has been limited, with options for “recovery” that include only:

  • inpatient detox,
  • AA/12 step meetings,
  • and abstinence

The Sinclair Method is an alternative treatment for alcohol use disorder based on modern day science.

The Sinclair Method (TSM) is a clinically studied, proven effective treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) that uses a technique called “pharmacological extinction”— the use of naltrexone to turn habit-forming behaviors into habit erasing behaviors. This medication helps a patient gradually reduce their alcohol consumption over time, to a point where alcohol is no longer as desirable. Over time, the effect returns a person’s craving for alcohol to its pre-addiction state where alcohol is simply not important to them any longer, allowing the patient to drink significantly less each sitting. This also leads to more alcohol-free days, and an option to choose if and when abstinence is right for you (without the struggle).

TSM consists of taking naltrexone, an opioid blocker, one hour before your first drink. Naltrexone chemically disrupts the body’s behavior/reward cycle causing you to want to drink less instead of more. The Sinclair Method has a 78% long-term success rate. Patients who use TSM can expect to decrease their alcohol consumption, have less cravings to  drink frequently, and are able to gradually reduce the amount of alcohol rather effortlessly. Naltrexone has little to no side effects.

Our method for managing patients using The Sinclair Method (TSM) embodies a personalized, patient-centric medical approach that is both specialized and customized to meet the unique needs of each individual. We provide a comprehensive range of medical services, with physicians specially trained in the science of TSM. Our exclusive concierge-type service encompasses prompt, on-call physician follow-ups, 24/7 access to support staff, and the availability of psychiatric and addiction/mental health therapies as needed.

In addition to behavioral modification guidance, we offer direct referrals to specialists for co-occurring disorders, along with robust family support and education. Recognizing that each patient harbors distinct goals and needs, our providers emphasize the importance of establishing a lasting relationship through monthly or bimonthly visits. Our dedicated support staff ensures that every call and request for assistance receives a swift response.

The care provided by our licensed providers and staff is not only comprehensive but also centered around the individual patient’s needs. Our approach extends beyond a mere focus on alcohol consumption, encompassing the management of all facets of an individual’s recovery from alcohol overuse.

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