Opiate Addiction Treatment

North Dayton Addiction and Recovery Services, located in Vandalia, Dayton, Ohio offers an office-based opioid treatment (OBOT) program that utilizes medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to address addiction and dependence to opioid painkillers. Through our private outpatient addiction treatment program, we employ a comprehensive approach, integrating medications, counseling, and self-help strategies. The program is designed to assist patients in achieving their short and long-term goals related to opioid addiction recovery. By focusing on individualized plans, we identify the unique needs of each patient, promoting a holistic and personalized approach to support their journey towards recovery from opioid addiction.

Is MAT Right For Me?

Medication-assisted treatment is the most effective treatment approach for those struggling with opioid dependence.

At North Dayton Addiction, Dr. Paul and the North Dayton Addiction and Recovery team lead provide a meaningful and multifaceted approach to private outpatient treatment and recovery. Our approach is designed to help those recover from opioid dependence with private and professional care which focuses on a personalized treatment plan uniquely developed for each individual, based on their needs, their circumstances, and their goals.

Medication assisted treatment (MAT for short) is the most effective treatment for those who have become dependent on opioid painkillers, such as oxycodone, heroin and fentanyl.

Recovery with us is based on science and backed by data, relying on “willpower” is a thing of the past. In our program, our patients receive FDA approved medications in a medication-assisted treatment (MAT program) setting to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings while regaining stability and beginning to rebuild your life. You can expect to see your personal physician on a monthly basis (telemedicine available in most* circumstances), provide urine drug screens to remain accountable, working proactively and monitoring progress and adjust treatment plans accordingly and engaging in one-on-one therapy to learn relapse prevention techniques, positive coping strategies, address underlying conditions while actively participating in life- on your terms. 

Our program is more than just medication. You’ll receive guidance on behavioral and lifestyle changes to support your recovery journey. Dr. Paul, Kirsten and the team foster a supportive atmosphere akin to family, where patients feel understood and encouraged. Through education and empowerment, you’ll learn how to live and achieve long term recovery free from the grip of opioid addiction.