The Bridge Device

Bridge device is an effective for dug treatment

The Bridge Device is a neuro-stimulator that assists with the pain and discomfort of opiate withdrawal.

At North Dayton Addiction and Recovery Services our medical staff is constantly looking to apply the most effective techniques for managing addiction. Through this research and our staff’s efforts at networking with leading clinicians in the field of addiction medicine, we learned of this new device and its effectiveness in treating the symptoms of withdrawal.

The Bridge Device

It is a neuro-stimulator placed near one’s ear.  It assists with the pain and discomfort of opiate withdrawal.  It delivers mild electrical impulses, much the way a TENS unit does.  It provides mild electrical impulses to the nerves around the ear into the deep part of the brain, known as the midbrain.  It is this area that is primarily responsible for addictive behavior.

How It’s Used

The Bridge Device connects on the skin’s surface behind the patient’s ear.  It attaches via 4 tiny probes.  It is these probes that block the pain signals from getting to the brain. The device puts out a slight vibration which becomes unnoticeable after a few hours.  It is left in place for 5 days and then removed.

This device is used in conjunction with “comfort” medication and counseling to assist patients through withdrawal in a gentler fashion.  The Bridge Device does not take away substance cravings.  But it does help manage the withdrawal symptoms.  Those patients who have used the device experience very limited cravings.

Typically, therapy is continued with additional medications to optimize the likelihood of permanent opiate sobriety after withdrawal has been achieved.


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Dr. Kolodzik and North Dayton Addiction and Recovery Services were recently featured on Fox45 showing how the Bridge device worked with a live demonstration. A great story- MUST WATCH!

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